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Schwalbe Ultermo ZX HD - שוולבה אולטרמו שחור

Schwalbe Ultermo ZX HD - שוולבה אולטרמו שחור

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₪340 כולל מס

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Schwalbe Ultermo ZX HD - שוולבה אולטרמו שחור

 700X23C  מידה

משקל - 195 גרם


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EPI 27

Race Star - תרכובת

HD Speed Guard - הגנות


As tire designers the Ultremo is the pinnacle of our ambition. We strived relentlessly to increase its speed and installed the ZX with HD Speed Guard and RaceStar Triple Compound. Both components are perfectly tuned to the requirements of an outstanding competition tire.

The result: Significant reduction in rolling resistance. Even so we used additional
material to reinforce the tire shoulders and to ensure a considerable increase in

ZX - the best Ultremo ever!

Rolling resistance 15 percent lower, greater puncture resistance and higher mileage: Thanks to new compounds and patented protection belt, Schwalbe has succeeded in making the Ultremo ZX a competition tire of the highest order. And because design is increasingly important for racing bikes, it also looks good and is available in eleven colors.

Schwalbe will showcase its new Ultremo ZX race tire at EUROBIKE. The high-end all-rounder is perfectly tuned for competition road racing. The rolling resistance has been considerably reduced compared with the previous model, while at the same time Schwalbe added material; nevertheless it remains a light 195 grams. Slightly reinforcing the rubber layer means it has more robust shoulders giving it appreciably more durability and making it a high-end all-rounder that is perfectly tuned for competition road racing. "ZX is the best Ultremo yet," said Schwalbe technician, Markus Hachmeyer.

The Ultremo ZX has been equipped with two technical innovations, which are now benchmarks in tire technology: RaceStar Triple Compound and HD Speed Guard.
"Triple rubber compounds such as RaceStar have become our trademark," explained Hachmeyer. "No other bicycle tire manufacturer can combine rubber compounds in such a precise fashion in volume production." Due to the technically honed arrangement of several compounds Schwalbe succeeded in combining seemingly contradictory properties - for example good grip and low rolling resistance - into a single tire. Only the combination of compounds makes this kind of maximum performance possible.

RaceStar Triple Compound
The RaceStar Triple Compound is composed of three basic compounds that are also new. In so doing, these three compounds have an effect precisely where they are needed.
In the center of the tire, durability and resistance is added. This is where Schwalbe has put a wear-resistant, low rolling resistance compound that, at the same time, grips well: The center compound.
In contrast, the prime requirement on the tire shoulder is grip. "The shoulder compound has great adhesion properties. It is very flexible, remaining in contact with the road surface while absorbing bumps and so does not lose traction under severe cornering," explained the Schwalbe technician. A super-fast, light-running base compound is positioned under the tire’s center tread.
Furthermore, Schwalbe added a little more rubber to the Ultremo making it 15 grams heavier than its predecessor at 195 grams, but which adds to its mileage performance.

HD Speed Guard: Patented Puncture Protection
The second technical innovation in the Ultremo ZX is HD Speed Guard. HD stands for High Density and this new version of the tried-and-tested Schwalbe, aramid HD Guard is completely tuned for speed. Effective protection is achieved by using a patented technology that Schwalbe developed together with the US firm Warwick Mills, which holds 14 international patents for its high density weaving processes and is a world leader in innovative, industrial textiles. "It is the finest and densest fabric on the market. No other bicycle tire protection belt gets anywhere near its weave density," said Hachmeyer. By utilizing this innovative technology for the first time it has been possible to create an ultra-light, extremely puncture resistant tire and this latest Ultremo version with HD Speed Guard enjoys the same high-density protection as its predecessor, but with distinctly reduced rolling resistance.

Ultremo ZLX – Speed without compromises
The Ultremo ZLX is the tire for riders who demand only the fastest and do not consider puncture protection necessary. It is constructed in exactly the same way as the Ultremo ZX, but without a puncture protection belt. This makes it both lighter (160 grams) and gives it even lower rolling resistance. The ZLX is an out-and-out competition tire, which is particularly suitable for shorter Time-Trials, or Triathlon use.

Colored Tires for Cool Bikes
The ‘designer’ look is an undisputed trend in racing bikes. Stylish bicycles enable racers to display their individuality, setting themselves apart from the crowd and color coordinated tires help exemplify the look. Schwalbe’s Ultremo ZX is available in eleven colors and their matching color, tire labels just add to their extraordinary appeal. Hachmeyer summed up: “All things considered, the new Ultremo is not only cool, but above all faster, more durable and more puncture resistant”.

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